Brain Wave

Delta Wave

Frequency Effect

Deep sleep, no body awareness, detachment, suspend external awareness, source of empathy.

Sonic Clues

  • 1 minute 30 seconds of nothing
  • Indecision of morality
  • A birthing of global trauma
  • The first bullet being shot
  • G. J. Jackman, curator of the foyer space in the School Of Art, left Margaret Street to attend to the sick as the Ward master at Royal Navy Hospital Chatham. Linking transferal of skills from curating to ward master, the curator of the sick
  • A. Freeman Smith comes out of retirement from 1890 to cover for W.G. Lofthouse who is drafted, re-introduction of an older skills set on the pupils
  • The staff are slowly disappearing and not returning
  • An exotic phonic nest of a new language permeates the classes as Belgium refugees start to study at Margaret Street and their fees are waived along with being given free materials.
  • The basement space (tile location) was The Animal House
  • War in Heaven and on Earth
  • I didn’t raise my boy to be a soldier
  • Traumatized children seeking their spiritual identity
    Let each mother answer
    In the years to be,
    Remember that my boy belongs to me!
  • Idiotic young women were using white feathers to get rid of boyfriends of whom they were tired