Ground Floor

Brain Wave

Theta Wave

Frequency Effect

Memory access, learning, deep meditation, sensations, emotions, the threshold of the subconscious, dreaming.

Sonic Clues

  • Dominant theme: Robert Catterson – Smith (23 February 1853 – 15 December 1938) painter, black and white artist and silversmith who worked for William Morris from 1893. Catterson-Smith taught from 1903-20 at the School of Art. In 1912 Catterson-Smith also became Director of Art Education for the City of Birmingham. He was the author of ‘Drawing from memory and mind picturing’
  • The act of remembering in trauma
  • Soldiers and lambs and plants
  • School Report of the attitude of the students and their social class
  • Forget nothing
  • Nightingale Reflections
  • When his memory fails the student is allowed to refresh it by looking at the animal
  • German Jewellery Trade Show and the depreciation in quality and skills
  • Stanger Signs in the Margin
  • Military service gain permission to use school buildings has direct effect on delivery and work
  • No bird soars too high if he soars with his own wings
  • A line is a track of thought
  • We want products no talk
  • Lanterns and slides, life models and live animals
    We forget nothing
  • An eagle
  • A pair of scissors
    Shut eye
    Space filling
  • A live bird
  • Individual
    whitened slopes
  • Cloud towers by ghostly mansion
  • Dark bulls that tremble half alive
  • Geen vogel zweeft te hoog als hij zweeft met zijn eigen vleugels
    Een lijn is een spoor van gedachte
    Wij willen producten, geen praatjes
    Lantaarns en glijbanen, modellen en levende dieren
    Wij vergeten niets
  • Een arend
    Een schaar
    Gesloten oog
    Ruimte vullen door geheugen
    Tekening van een levende vogel
    Gewitte hellingen
    Toren van wolken bij spookachtig landhuis
    Donkere stieren die half levend beven
  • Windows at Margret Street are dirty and get dirtier and no one cleans them