Second floor

Brain Wave

Gamma Wave

Frequency effect

Problem Solving, inspiration, focus Transformation and Fear, universal love, altruism, and the ‘higher virtues’. Relates to expanded consciousness and spiritual emergence.

Sonic Clues

Training afternoon classes for disabled soldiers successful

Ida Baker student, attended twice then put in sanatorium until February

Two additional woman cleaners employed due to extra work from room take over from FCC
W.J. Grand’s transferred from Bye-laws department to art office on discharge sent to Romsley Hill sanatorium
W.H. Hall acting curating taken ill

Considerable extension of disabled training may affect ordinary classes, investigation refused chairman objected to setting a limit on disabled soldiers

Ticket writing, sign writing, stencil plate cutting, lettering for printing trade, metal plate engraving, monumental lettering in stone

Staff returning from army was ill – R.M. Sargisson wounded at Messines discharged with trench fever

Food control wanted more space; Margaret Street said no, space-pushing trenches

May 1918 the idea of connection with BCU

More men called up, Margaret Street applied for retention

Coal committee wanted room, Margaret Street said no

Entrance in Cornwall Street created especially for FCC

Power / success of memory drawing evident and recognized (is memory more effective in times of threat and trauma (M .Lecoq De Boisbaudran )

Wounded men repairing watches


Increase in class attendance and return was due to “an awaking on the part of the people to the importance of education, and to the more earnest spirit which has resulted from the strenuous exertions in connection with the war. “